RNAAT 042/2013

No wind activities - Go Program

This Product was created to fill the need of an alternative day wen kitesurfing is not a option in those days of "no wind" conditions.

The Go Program is included in Camp 2, as alternative for the kitesurf lessons foresee, when we don't have enough wind to deliver those lessons.

This way, the fun will continue. That is the purpose of this Program.

Still, any one can oenjoy this experience for the price and conditions listed bellow.


Go Program's Available:


Paragliding Day

Tandem Flyght @ Ofir Dunes

Cable Day

Day in a cable park @ Vieira do Minho (1 hour from Esposende)

Trekking @ Gerês + Gastronomic experience

You will find a astonishing landscape and view. The day will end in a local restaurant @ Gerês to experience the typical local food and wine

Canyoning Day

We have several rivers with excelent conditions to expore canyonig activities

SUP & Bicycle day

A Day @ Neiva River doing a track that combines bicycle riding win the woods and riding a SUP through the river. In the end, a nice Sunset barbecue @Esposende

Porto or Braga Tour

Guided visit to city of Braga or Porto. We will take you to the beautiful city of Braga or Porto and will show you the most beautiful spots there. Gastronomic experience of our local food and wine included.


60€/person (min. 4 persons)

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